Images will be printed to the size requested by the client. Frames are made one at a time to best enhance the image. This small sampling of images is only a representation. Please call for an appointment to view the entire collection at your leisure

Prices range from $150-$400, depending on size and frame style.

Thank You

To use these images as wallpaper - click on the thumbnail image and go to the full-sized image. You can then right-click on the image and select "set as background" with a left-click, unless you use a MAC, in which case you'll have to figure it out.

 Schoodic-Spruce-2005-web.jpg (29817 bytes)Schoodic Spruce - Classic view of the Maine coast PinkMoc.jpg (68779 bytes) Pink Ladyslippers
Eggamoggin-Light-3-25-08w.jpg (102318 bytes) Blue Hill Bay LIght-An island lighthouse on Eggemoggin Reach Vets-Cemetary1.jpg (90983 bytes) Maine Veterans Cemetery
Snow-clouds-at-Sunrise3-25-.jpg (82449 bytes) Snow clouds-Snow squalls met me when I'd hoped for a brilliant sunrise on the Maine coast Deer-Isle-Moon-1-3-25-08w.jpg (126931 bytes) Moonset-The moon begins to set behind spruce trees in Deer Isle, Maine
Red-pine-in-snow-mar-2007.jpg (518730 bytes) Red Pine in Snow-A solitary pine wrapped in snow after a storm   Blue Flags.jpg (178895 bytes)Blue Flags-An unopened bud gives hope for the future
Pemaquid-boats-in-fog-2007-.jpg (10252 bytes)Pemaquid Fog-The view from the parking lot at Pemaquid Light, one of Maine's most photographed lighthouses schoodic granite in cherry frame.jpg (118363 bytes)Schoodic Granite-Schoodic Point overlooks Cadillac  Mountain at Acadia National Park
  Monochome snow 1983smaller.jpg (597123 bytes)Monochrome Snow-White and green make a monochromatic view of our front yard   Madawaska Stream Morning.jpg (458187 bytes)Madawaska Stream Morning-This is the view you have if you look around you as you drive
  Honeysuckle-Clouds-2005-w-2.jpg (157919 bytes)Honeysuckle clouds-Faces appear in the cloud framed by a deep blue sky. How many can you find?   Kingfield in Fall.jpg (15547 bytes)Kingfield Maine-Motorists miss many of the most beautiful scenes, in the haste of modern life and the imagined need to rush to the next place or event in busy lives. This photographer finds visual pleasures at nearly every turn of the road. Here we see the scene doubled in the calm water of the Carrabasset River in autumn
  Monarch and lilacsmall.jpg (235748 bytes)Lilac & butterfly-Sure, itís a common sight on any tree in Maine in the spring. I donít usually take this kind of photograph, but somehow it struck me this day and I brought out the camera. The quest for nutrition benefits both butterfly and bush   heart in sand.jpg (80330 bytes)Heart in Sand-Even a  clump of seaweed can take on meaning
  Pond_Lillies_2003_August.JPG (177793 bytes)Lilies in the Fog-A watercolor look comes from light, misty fog


  Oak In Waves.jpg (123161 bytes)Oak in Surf-The nearest oak tree is 2 miles away.  Soon the tide will rise and this leaf will be gone
 Schoodic_Sunrise_11.jpg (169573 bytes)Schoodic Sunrise-A ray of sunlight seems to spotlight a lobsterman heading to work   rain.jpg (310207 bytes)Rain-A single drop of rain elicits thoughts of the primordial forest
  lamoine sunset.jpg (47760 bytes)Lamoine Sunset-Pleasure boats and working boats share the harbor, with Blue Hill, Maine in the distance   Sandpipers.jpg (176607 bytes)Freedom Flight-Shore birds search for food at Popham Beach, Maine
  Reflections in the Mist.jpg (54943 bytes)Reflections in the Mist-A bit of fall color changes An otherwise nearly-monochromatic view   ducks in sunset.jpg (189745 bytes)Ducks in Sunset-The ocean is the backdrop for ducks converging to migrate in the fall
  Coos summer rain1.jpg (124246 bytes)Coos Summer Rain-This corner in Byron Maine nearly always has someone with a camera, but few people seem to have heard of it. Yet another of the roadside chasms in New England, Coos Canyon was created by the rushing melt waters of receding glaciers and winter snows over the millennia. You can actually hear and see the erosive activities taking place even today. Go around the fence and walk down onto the rocks, where youíll find vertical holes still being drilled by the action of stones spinning in the current of the stream   FallOakByPond.jpg (98204 bytes)Fall Oaks-A common scene for those fortunate enough to live in Maine
  2-butterflies-and-goldenrod.jpg (40711 bytes)Schoodic Butterflies and Goldenrod- The Maine coast is host to migrating Monarch butterflies every fall. Now and then you might find yourself in the midst of the migration Rockland Maine Sunrise-The view fishermen see most every day. 
Rockport Maine Sunrise-Golfers at Rockport's course may get this view if they don't mind getting their golf shoes damp in the early morning dewy grass Winter-Birches2005web.jpg (176370 bytes)Winter Birches-The winter sky seems bluer against the snow

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