Welcome to Spalding’s PizzAmore

Sample Menu

Our Appetizers:

Doug’s Multi-grain Sun-dried Tomato Sourdough Flatbread :With your choice of cream/goat cheese, smoked fish and/or our pesto

Pizza toppings for today may include the following:

Selection of fine cheeses

Smoked Salmon

From our garden: 

Our zesty tomato sauce


Other ingredients:

Spinach-infused pizza crust from our own 8-grain flour, freshly milled today

Margarita chicken – Chicken tenders marinated in lime, Italian Dressing, Tequila and Mead 

Shrimp scampi with asparagus

Chopped steak 

BBQ pulled pork - Slow cooked & smoked for 14 hours in the pizza oven at a low temperature

Cranberry Mustard - Our fresh made mustard with Maine Cranberries

Triple-Citrus Marmalade made with Florida citrus

Our own BBQ sauce 


Serving the fine wines of Bartlett Maine Estate Winery & Spirits of Maine Distillery -


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